Miranda Levy | Milwaukee WI | Season 12
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Milwaukee’s very own Miranda Levy made her mark nationally as the first military veteran to compete on Project Runway. Her seven episode run on Season 12 featured her unique and quirky designs.

Christopher Straub | Minneapolis MN | Season 6
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Minneapolis’ Christopher Straub has made huge strides since appearing on Project Runway Season 6. His work with Maurice’s and Jo-Anne Fabrics has kept him in the public eye since his time on the show.

Peach Carr | Chicago IL | Season 8 & All-Stars Season 2
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After two stints on Project Runway, as a designer for Season 8 and All Stars Season 2, Peach Carr has remained a Chicago fashion staple. Her endearing personality and charming design aesthetic will have you ready for snow to melt.

Angela Bacskocky | Richmond VA | Season 12
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As the first designer eliminated during Project Runway Season 12, Angela Bacskocky wasn’t able to fully show the world her many fantastic talents so we’re bringing her to Milwaukee to show you up close and personal. Angela’s work combines form and design with artistic symbolism.


Gretchen Bartz
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Linda Marcus
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Amanda Martinez
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Tama Roberts
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Sara Terrell
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