Angela Bacskocky


Angela Bacskocky | Richmond VA | Season 12
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Project+Runway+Season+12Angela Bacskocky, contestant on Project Runway Season 12, has worked for such designers as Alexander McQueen and Felder Felder, studied menswear fashion design at Central St. Martins College of Art in Design in London and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Fashion Design program in 2009. She has since developed her own line of handmade apparel and accessories and set up a production studio in Richmond, VA for her conceptual work that attempts to merge the lines between fashion and art.

She has shown her collections in Richmond and New York, and will show at Charleston Fashion Week in March 2014. She currently sells internationally and her work has appeared in Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Womens Wear Daily, Virginia Living, on Refinery 29, and in Martha Stewart’s American Made Campaign.