Gretchen Bartz

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Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 10.45.38 PMIt all started with buttons. When Gretchen Bartz was three years old her mother would take her to the sewing machine and smocking store. On these trips she was allowed to pick out one button to add to her collection. Her selections often included shaped buttons such as dinosaurs and apples. By the time she was ten years old her mother enrolled her into quilt camp to increase her sewing skills. Her love of art and design escalated and she eventually graduated from Mount Mary College for Fashion Apparel product development. 

She continues to embrace her roots and follow in her mother footsteps by appreciating the old techniques of sewing that are not used often today. Her fashion aesthetic usually includes laid back easy to wear garments that often incorporate details such as hand embroidery, english smocking, and quilting. If not on the outside of the garment, they can be found inside for the wearer. She has a very eclectic style and finds inspiration all around her.


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