Linda Marcus

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photo (4)Linda Marcus is known for her unique handbags.

Linda is a lifelong storyteller with a background as an award winning television news journalist. Her designs often play on the tension between hard and soft, and  at the same time she uses techniques to accentuate a woman’s individuality. Her popular handbags have been featured in national and local publications and are sold in the Midwest and Los Angeles areas.

Linda is now extending her unique sense of style to women’s clothing.
In this her first collection, Linda continues her edgy feminine look. This fall 2014 collection is an exploration of what “society” says women need to be. Linda refers to this as a “box” or cultural parameter that is often placed on women in contemporary society as women progress through stages of life.

The shape of the box and the struggle to be an individual can be seen throughout this original collection with numerous geometric shapes and as the collection progresses, the box slowly dissolving. Linda hopes this commentary on societal constraints will evoke a sense for a continued need for feminine individuality.